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About ME

Thank you for visiting my site.

My 'proper job' is in engineering, but in my spare time I have a passion for outdoor photography, especially landscape and seascape, but also enjoy shooting a wider range of subjects when the mood takes me.  This combination is somewhat reflected in my image mix included here.

This website is a new venture for me.  I hope you enjoy browsing through my galleries, and you find the additional information about my images interesting.

I am self taught, learning and developing along the way, sometimes through observing the work of others and adapting to suit my own preferences - there is much trial, experimentation and a healthy dose of learning by my mistakes too.  Lots of hanging around, and abortive trips, searching for the right light, weather and tides.

I gained my Licentiateship with the Royal Photographic Society in 2011, and further developed my portfolio to gain Associate status in 2012.  Having done all that work, I now simply make images for fun.

I shoot primarily with Canon (5diii) but also use an Olympus micro four thirds body, an iPhone, and most recently a dji drone has been added into the mix.

Please do keep coming back to my site when you have a moment, I will try and keep adding images and new galleries as my work continues to develop.

Richard Peace, ARPS.